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A school for child actors opened in Moscow



In Moscow, on Chaplygin Street, a school has been opened for children who have the talent of an actor. The head of the institution is the master of the stage and screen Oleg Tabakov. So far, there are 24 students, but how many of them will remain over time is a big question, since the head of the school named among the tasks the dropout of students who will not be able to live up to expectations. The actor said: "I look fat and good-natured. In business, I am a very tough person. My task for the first year of study is to weed out those who do not pull. And in the second year I will also deduct. But those who stay and continue their studies (they study in college for 4 years) will begin to rehearse in the "basement". From the first days of study at the acting school, students are forbidden to gossip, deceive, make stupid mistakes and violate internal regulations.

Steve | 22.06.2023 08:49:53