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Oksana Robsky is on her honeymoon



One of the main trendsetters of glamour in the domestic beau monde, the popular writer Oksana Robsky is currently living the most beautiful moment of her life - another honeymoon. Note that the socialite already had three of them ... The last wedding of 40-year-old Robsky and 40-year-old ex-footballer Igor Shalimov took place in Sri Lanka about two weeks ago. It is noteworthy that this marriage will be valid in Russia. The bride at the wedding ceremony was dressed in a dress from her friend, designer Marina Ilchenko, and the tailcoat for Igor was chosen in the FERU workshop. Wedding rings from Bottega Veneta arrived on order from New York. Witnesses of the marriage, alas, were only the children of the writer. But the feeling of happiness from this did not become less for Robsky. "I consider myself one of the lucky girls," she says. Not everyone manages to get married again after a divorce in a year and a half. However, Oksana's view of happiness is purely individual. Evidence of this - the title of one of her sensational novels "Day of Happiness - Tomorrow". By the way, it has become a kind of aphorism in secular society. But does Robsky herself live by this principle? As it turned out, he does not live. "What will happen tomorrow, I don't care much," says the newlywed. There is happiness in my life today and always!" By the word "happiness" Robsky understands, first of all, a family - children and a beloved man. And they just make the writer happy. "The children make me very happy," Oksana smiles. Daughter Dasha is already an adult girl, and Joseph is educated abroad. Now I dream of twins. Ideally, it would be nice for both a boy and a girl. Recently, a friend of mine gave birth to twins, and it's amazing - they love each other so much, care about each other so much.

Steve | 24.06.2023 23:54:01