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Anna Sedokova was injured in an accident



Hurrying to the filming of the show "I want to Meladze", Anna Sedokova got into an accident. After him, the singer herself avoided visiting doctors, escaping with bruises and abrasions, and the Mercedes star will go for repairs. If the latter is at all possible... Anna posted a picture from the road on the Web and signed angrily: "This is now. At a traffic light, an absolutely drunk man crashed into us. There is no car. As well as the brains of someone who gets drunk behind the wheel ... A little later it turned out that the accident occurred on the ring road. Two cars collided - "Opel" and "Suzuki". The latter, after a strong blow, flew into Sedokova's car and severely damaged it. At this point, the singer was on her way to the Glavkino studio, on the territory of which the filming of the show "I want to Meladze" began. In it, Anna acts as a strict jury together with two colleagues - Polina Gagarina and Eva Polnaya.

Steve | 27.06.2023 08:13:07