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Anna Sedokova was injured in an accident



Hurrying to the filming of the show "I want to Meladze", Anna Sedokova got into an accident. After him, the singer herself avoided visiting doctors, escaping with bruises and abrasions, and the Mercedes star will go for repairs. If the latter is at all possible... Anna posted a picture from the ro...

Steve | 27.06.2023 08:13:07

Russians will be able to pay in Egypt in rubles



Photo: andamanse/ During Vladimir Putin's visit to Egypt, the countries agreed that in a number of outlets of Egyptian resorts, tourists will be able to pay in Russian rubles. The possibility of paying in rubles for vouchers to the resorts of the Land of the Pyramids was also discussed. The r...

Steve | 25.06.2023 16:30:22

The smell of sweat? It is worth checking with an oncologist!



Japanese scientists believe that the unpleasant smell of sweat and sticky earwax indicate the risk of breast cancer. Such symptoms are caused by a gene that is responsible for breast cancer. The fact is that the researchers were able to control the activity of the protein that is created by the A...

Steve | 23.06.2023 16:33:19